Surf the musical road among the stars. Side project built by two people in a few months to demonstrate WebXR.

Source: Github

XR Dinosaurs

Come visit our friendly bunch of prehistoric creatures through the magic of Virtual Reality!

Source: Github

Mozilla Hubs

Duck-themed multi-user virtual spaces in WebVR. Built with A-Frame.

Source: Github


Guide your friends to the exit without them being found. Made for VR, but works on desktop with mouse. Requires a pointer control

1st place js13kGames 2020 WebXR 13kb comp

Source: Github


Find the blue light.

2nd place js13kGames 2020 WebXR 13kb comp

Source: Github

Ned Snow

Infiltrate in a prision of a dystopian future trying to rescue Ned Snow.

3rd place js13kGames 2020 WebXR 13kb comp

Source: Github

Hello WebXR

WebXR multi-experience by the Mozilla Mixed Reality team to celebrate the official release of the WebXR specification.

Source: Github


VARTISTE is a 2D / Surface drawing and painting app for virtual reality.

Source: GitLab


You're a monster wreaking havoc in a city. Your goal is to find baby-zilla in one of the buildings — and destroy the city in the process.

Source: Github

My Famicase VR 2020

Welcome to "My Famicase" LOCKDOWN webxr edition.

Source: Hawken King, Meteor. Music by Mark Sparling


Use your weapons to battle through one hundred waves of drones to GTFO of the space base.

Source: Tyro


Put your rover driving skills to the test in this VR pulse-pumping action arcade game! Collect as many oxygen tanks as you can before time runs out.

Via: 8th Wall

Spider-Man VR

Virtual Reality experience based on WebVR, works best with a VR headset like Oculus Quest.

Source: Github

Sol Attrition

The enemy planet is red. Your planet is blue. Unclaimed planets are grey. Your goal is to conquer all enemy planets.

Source: Tyro

Pet me!

"Pet me!" is a WebXR experience where you pet a cat-thing.

Source: Github